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04071, Kiev, Konstantinovskaya Street, 21, office 1

+38044-331-68-21; +38098-821-68-21; +38066-821-68-21

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Attorney Company LEX, LLC is a leading company specialized in legal services to individuals, legal entities and non-residents of Ukraine. Thanks to many years of experience and daily practice, the high-skilled professionals of our company will assist you in resolving any legal issues whatsoever:

  • Advice on doing business and tax system of Ukraine;
  • Legal support of economic activities;
  • Ensuring timely payment while doing business;
  • Legal support of real estate transactions;
  • Assistance in repaying debts under agreements or contracts;
  • Attorney’s assistance in the criminal proceedings;
  • Search of business partners;
  • Legal assistance on migration issues;
  • Mediation (pre-trial dispute settlement);
  • Drawing up of invitation to enter Ukraine;
  • Advice on staying of a non-resident in Ukraine;
  • Prolongation of the term of staying of a non-resident in Ukraine;
  • Obtaining a registration number of the taxpayer record card (an identification number);
  • Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • Obtaining a work permit in Ukraine;
  • Obtaining the Ukrainian citizenship.

Our company can ensure the drafting of well-grounded legal opinions and providing the high-quality legal services to the best extent of professionalism.

Best regards, Director Attorney Company LEX, LLC


О. Kravchenko